Saturday, November 7, 2009

Incredible Woman #12 - Betty Pearson. Friday's question...

Ok, I don't know what's wrong with me. I left on a trip this morning and thought it was Saturday, so I didn't post Betty's last two interview questions! Silly me. So, here are the final questions....

KARA: "If you had a day to yourself, what would you do?"
BETTY: "A day to myself? Wow! How would it be? I'm afraid I would cram it full of fun things. Certainly a long bike ride. Then maybe watch a movie. I've always wanted to go on a train ride. It would be fun to go in the mountains near our home and go fishing. Sit and read a book. If no money was a problem, well, then I would order a large bouquet of flowers (I love fresh flowers--even plant them in my veggie garden!). I would eat chocolate ice cream and look at my flowers. I would sit on top of a mountain and enjoy the beautiful view. I would get my hair done and have a manicure and a pedicure. I would hire a cook and enjoy a wonderful feast. And of course, travel someplace fun with my husband.

Can I fit that in one day? Pretty please?" :-)

KARA: "Betty, will share some of your beauty and health secrets with us?"
BETTY: "I love exercising in the form of bike riding or walking. When my kids were young, I always took them with me on walks. When we have cold weather, I dance inside to my favorite dancing music--oldies, 80's, polka's, whatever works. I also do weight lifting in the cold months. Gotta keep those bones and muscles in good shape.

I always try to eat healthy. I threw out bad oils long ago (partially hydrogenated oils) and eat only real butter, olive oil, and coconut oil. I eat fresh salads, veggies, homemade soups, etc. Since my diet is pretty restricted anyway, I must eat healthy things. It's a good thing I love veggies and proteins. I eat limited fruits because of my diabetes. I have backyard chickens that are pasture-fed (3x the amount of B12 in their eggs,etc.). I am a Chapter Leader for the Weston A. Price foundation ( I follow a traditional diet from REAL food. Real eggs, butter, whole raw milk, raw cheese, grass-fed meats, and organic veggies--preferably from my own garden. The way my parents and ancestors were raised. I also prepare homemade Kefir for my family. I am going to learn how to make my own naturally fermented sauerkraut, Kim-chee, and beet kvass.

I try to get a good night of sleep. Almost impossible when you have teens out late at night sometimes."

KARA: "Please share your advice for women."
BETTY: "Enjoy your life! Be sure to do things that you love. If you don't have a hobby, find one! Learn to do something new every year. Find time to express yourself."

Again, thanks to Betty for her wonderful interview this week. I forgot to post this cool thing - as I was walking through Costco last week, I saw a Christmas cookbook called The Worldwide Ward Christmas Cookbook. I stopped to look at it - because I always stop in the book section of Costco, it's a bad habit I have - and as I was flipping through the book, who's recipe do you think I came across??!!! That's right - Betty's! Isn't that weird that I found it right before I featured her on Incredible Women?! I emailed her when I got home and asked her what the recipe was for and she emailed me the following...

"I submitted the recipe for Betty's Garden Tomato Soup. I actually named it Harvest Garden Tomato soup, and the author changed the title. And in the ingredients list, she has down that I use frozen chopped onions. NOT! Onions do not freeze very well. :-) But that is ok. It was fun seeing it in the cookbook. Many of the submitters are Missionary and Military moms in my groups."

Go ahead and click on the picture of the book to buy the book on

One more thing... Betty's husband, Karl, emailed me a picture of their entire family and for some reason, I couldn't figure out how to open it. I finally asked my son, who immediately opened it for me (grrrr!!!) and so I've replaced their slideshow with the family picture for this last day. Make sure you take a peak. :-)


Jim Purdy said...

Real butter ... real food ... real eggs ...

Those all sound pretty good.

It's kind of hard to disagree with eating real food.

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