Friday, October 9, 2009

Incredible Woman #9 - Kelly Anderson. Friday's questions

Here are the last two questions of my interview with Kelly...

KARA: "What are some of your long-term and short-term goals, and what are your plans for achieving those goals? Is goal setting an important thing to do?"

KELLY: "As I shared on Studio 5 I’m a huge advocate of vision boards, giant journals, and goal setting. I believe that a goal is just a wish unless you make an action plan. In regards to business, you need a solid business plan, for other goals, you need to set tangible, realistic goals, have a friend to support you and sometimes a mentor as well.

My Long-term goals: Continue Supporting and Developing Opportunities for Orphans in Bulgaria with One Heart Bulgaria, Finish a full Triathlon, See my children graduate from college and families of their own, Become a Skilled Horseback Rider/Jumper, Perform and Sing in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, Support Women Entrepreneurs in America with setting up Grants and Scholarships, Live a year abroad and travel extensively, Go on a Mission for my church with my husband, Continue teaching, writing, and sharing how others can fulfill their dreams.

My Short-term goals: Finish our first year of Homeschooling and be proud of the results, Have another baby, Rent a Cottage in France with my family, Finish my book on Faith & Entrepreneurship, Build my Coaching Program and Events for Startup Princess."

KARA: "What are your beauty secrets? What do you do daily that helps you be your very best?"

KELLY: "If you don’t believe deep down that you are beautiful (inside and out), you’ll never take care of yourself in this way. I believe that is one of the hardest challenges we have is to see ourselves the way God sees us. Take some time to look in the mirror and just look at yourself, specifically look at your countenance. Are you radiating love? Light? Purity? Beauty? Look at your eyes, the shape of your nose, your lips, your hair and ask, “What do you see God? Teach me.” Connect with Him and you will see that you are beyond gorgeous, you are His child, His princess. Then ask, is there something I can do to make my exterior match my spirit more fully? Ask to be guided to know what you need to do to enhance your natural beauty.

What do I do? I drink water, lots of it. I try to avoid white flour and white sugar, processed food in general. I take supplements, including fish oil. I believe in exercise but don’t always do it (one of my goals is to increase my effort here!) I whiten my teeth. I get facials twice a year and use great skin care (M2, Sothys). I dye my hair and take care of it with weekly deep conditioner (I use Buttercream by Redkin). I have eyelash extensions and love them, I never wear mascara. I shape my eyebrows and darken them. I use Mac make up for photoshoots but for everyday I just use Revlon or Covergirl, works great for me because I know how to use brushes. I always use bronzer for that “sunkissed glow” makes me look more awake when I’m tired. For fashion I scour the magazines and see what colors, styles, accessories are hot and try to wear those things that best fit my personal style, body shape, and make an effort to stay current.

I feel like I look better now in my mid-30’s than I ever looked because I’m paying more attention to details, care more about how I present myself to others and actually wear make up and style my hair. When I was a young mom I cut my hair in a pixie cut, rarely wore make up and wore sweats a lot, I didn’t have very much confidence in my appearance and my life didn’t reflect one of service, joy, or progress. Now I realize the power of image for my own benefit and how others react to me when I care about myself it sends a completely different message - “I have something to share! I care about myself and I care about you too, let’s connect.” I hope to inspire more women to SHINE and take care of themselves and be beautiful inside and out."

Well, Kelly has definitely inspired me this week. Hope you've all enjoy Incredible Woman #9!
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