Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Incredible Woman #9 - Kelly Anderson. Tuesday's questions

KARA: "You have an incredible story about overcoming trials. If possible, could you tell us a little about that story – what are some of the trials you’ve been through and how did you overcome those trials? What is your number one weapon in combating trials?"

KELLY: "We have faced some difficult trials as a family, all of which have made us stronger because we’ve turned to God and to each other. One of the most difficult recent trials was in 2004 when my husband’s business partner embezzled over 1 million in funds from the company and left the country, leaving business expenses unpaid, investors angry, and us heartbroken. It took another two years or so to get back on our feet again emotionally, mentally, and financially, but we made it. With the help and mercy of God we got to keep our house.

The number one weapon in difficult times is faith. I believe strongly in the power of prayer to request understanding, comfort, direction, and peace. I also am an advocate of setting aside time daily for stillness, to study scripture, to journal, memorizing hymns and scriptures and other uplifting thoughts to run through your mind when you’re lost and broken. You’ve got to pursue your passions in depressing times, that’s when I started Startup Princess, actually. I needed something to focus on, something that brings you joy. Food storage helps immensely too, we used it for two years along with other help from our church. There is hope in the darkness, I hardly think of those difficult times now that they are behind us, but truly they do shape us and bring us to our knees more than anything else could—a tremendous gift."

KARA: "You’ve started a wonderful business – Startup Princess. Tell our readers what your business is about, why you started it, what makes it successful, etc."

KELLY: "Startup Princess is wonderful! Not because I have the honor of running it but because of the talented, bright, wonderful women that it attracts. Startup Princess is an online blog and organization dedicated to serving women entrepreneurs. We produce events, conferences, retreats, and offer a coaching program to help women move their business ideas forward. We have 3 chapters in Utah County, SLC, and Orange County, California.

I started Startup Princess in 2006 because I was seeking for an organization of mom entrepreneurs that weren’t Corporate America, rather women who were focused on building home-based businesses. I was having conversations with a few different friends who had businesses and interviewed them about how they were doing it all and suddenly I realized I should share their comments with the world on a blog and have events where we could share what we were learning about business - then it happened...an organization was born and we had our first meeting at my house with 5 women in 2006, now we have over 2,000 in our network and thousands more on Twitter. We just had our third annual conference with over 140 women, wonderful! Love every second of it: their energy, creativity, and power of influence!

We’d love to invite you all to join us this November for our 3 day intensive retreat, Startup Princess Image & Media Academy to help women prepare for media opportunities and increase their skills in this area."

I want to thank Kelly for offering to give away 2 wonderful things:

1. We’d love to give away The Magic of Marketing to Women Online audio series, perfect for bloggers and women in business, http://startupprincess.com/wordpress/resources/

2. We’d also like to give away 5 tickets for Utah women business owners who would like to join us for either the SLC or Utah Co. chapter meetings in October.

Readers, to enter the drawing for these two wonderful give-aways, just leave a comment and tell us your business idea or business and we’ll select the winner of the audio series and tickets at random.

After today, the give-aways will be posted near the top of this blog.


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