Sunday, October 25, 2009

GIVE-AWAY WINNER... and a new Incredible Woman!

While I'm working on this blog for the coming week - we'll be featuring Christy Alger - I wanted to announce the winner for the contest give-away. The winner is Teresa, from "The Dog Lived (and so will I)" blog. In her comment, she said that she is not only a survivor (congratulations Teresa!), but also a member of a committee that just formed a Breast Cancer Resource Center--"The Pink Ribbon Place" to help other women diagnosed and dealing with breast cancer. I felt that "The Pink Ribbon Place" could really use all of the goodies in the bag, so that's why I picked her.


I'm excited to introduce you to Christy Alger. She is one of my wonderful neighbors, and someone I've looked up to for forever. She's such a sweetheart, and I know you'll all love her. Her interview starts tomorrow morning... stay tuned.


Terresa said...

congrats to Teresa & to Christy (her family is beautiful!)

Teresa said...

Thanks Kara! The goodies will all be put to great use in our new center--you've probably just given a gift to quite a few breast cancer survivors!
Thanks again,

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