Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Incredible Woman #4 - Jyl Pattee. Tuesday's questions

Kara: "You’re the founder of Mom It Forward. Can you tell us about that – what is it, how have you made it a success? Can you give us some advice about being a successful business woman?"

Jyl: "Mom It Forward is a community of women that meet on and offline, including every Tuesday at a Twitter party called #gno. The mission of Mom It Forward is to change the world one mom at a time and we accomplish that in three ways: by strengthening and supporting women individually, helping them be the best moms or influencers they can be, and providing opportunities to, and recognition for, making a difference in their communities and beyond. All the events, in one way or another, help accomplish one or more parts of the mission.

I am a founding board member of the Social Media Club of Salt Lake City. Specifically, I oversee the production committee, which is responsible for putting on the monthly events. I also focus on reaching out to women, including the local mom audience, to include them in the group. This has been a great way to get to know other people in the local social media scene as well as learn important skills and best practices regarding social media.

As far as business practices, my best advice is to start with a mission, vision, and goals for your business and identify your top values. Then, align your decisions with those. The economy can shift. Trends change. But, when you base decisions based on what you really want to achieve and what is most important to you, you always head in a direction you can feel good about. I also find it leads to greater success in the end."

Kara: "I understand that you’ve traveled all over the world. How did you get the opportunity to do that? What has been your number one favorite place to visit?"

Jyl: "I try and take advantage of every opportunity to travel. Most of my foreign travel was done while I was a child and a teenager. Travel was really important to my parents, so I was fortunate to be able to go to many countries and see many things at a young age. We always had foreign exchange students living with us, so other cultures and traditions were just a part of our normal lives. Additionally, my parents encouraged me to do things like going on a trip to Europe with the German Club during high school and going as a Rotary foreign exchange student to Argentina for my senior year. After I was married, my husband and I toured Asia, which was beyond amazing! And now, my parents live in Guatemala, so we'll be visiting there for 2 weeks this coming April. I'm so excited to take my boys to Central America and exposure them to the beautiful culture there.

I don't know about a number one place to visit. I was fascinated by Hong Kong. Thailand was beautiful. I'll always have a special spot in my heart for Argentina. Italy is stunning. Paris is exciting. But, honestly, I love about anywhere I visit. I cry every time I leave New York City and I long for my next trip to Seattle. Each place is so unique and has its own personality that really, I just want to learn about as many places as I can.


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