Sunday, September 13, 2009


Thanks so much to those of you who gave your opinions and suggestions on the blog. I think the consensus is that the posts (interview) are most important to everyone. The music and slideshow don't really matter that much, so after this next week, I won't be doing those anymore - instead I'll have just a few photos. As far as the stuff on the sidebar - most of those who replied back to me don't even look at the sidebar. My intent with the favorites was to give suggestions of good books, or recipes, etc. But it's a lot of work changing all of that daily, and if no one is looking at them, there's no sense in spending time on that. But, I think I'll still ask for a few favorites from each of the women I interview - just things to help us get to know them better. I'll let them choose what they want to share, so one day it might be a book, one day, their favorite restaurant, etc. That will make it so there's only one thing to look at each day on the side bar. We'll do that for awhile, and if there is little interest in it, we'll get rid of that all together. As far as the Advice on Being a Woman, and the Advice on Being a Mom, that are on the sidebar, I'd like to keep those, but I'll use them for the last post on Saturday as we wrap the week up. I'd love for all of you to see those two things, because there's so much good advice there.

I know your time is valuable, and you have other blogs to visit, so I really do appreciate the time you take to visit this blog. My main goal for this blog is to introduce you to some wonderful women who are just like you and me. I hope that reading about these women, you will come to realize how incredible you are as well.

Check back tomorrow as I introduce you to Carol Rice - Incredible Woman #6! Carol is a mom of five, a business owner, and a very talented woman. I can't wait for you to meet her!


Pat said...

Sounds like you were kind enough to take our advice. That is very nice of you! I'll look forward to the next interview.

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