Monday, August 17, 2009

Incredible Woman #2 - Kristin Johnson. Monday's questions

Kara: "Tell me a little bit about yourself. Talk about what you do to have fun. What makes you happy? What makes you an “Incredible Woman”?"

Kris: "Ok, so I guess I will admit it, since there is really no going back! I turned 40 in June. I have joined the ranks! Actually I don't mind so much, I finally feel like I am a grownup, I guess! I love to read and crochet, to paint and make jewelry, though I don't find enough time to do any of it lately! I love to cook and garden. Wow, I really sound 40 don't I?!! I would love to say I still go dancing every weekend and rock climbing on occasion, but those things seem to be put to rest! I love to take pictures, and my kids make fun of me all the time - at least they have grown up with it, and are used to it! I just don't want to forget anything! Pictures tell a story and remind us of the fun things we have done as a family. Memories are sweet, but the pictures bring those memories back so clearly. I have many times been looking at pictures of one of our outings or vacations and the boys will start telling stories they remember about it too - it is so fun to remember and laugh with them about the fun times we have had! I think the best part is when they 'fess up to what they were doing that I didn't know about at the time! Funny that they are all so worried about getting in trouble at the time for things, but if it’s been a year or two they spill their stories and I just sit there with my mouth hanging open! I think when I hear their stories, it is a wonder that the boys are all still walking- heck, it’s a wonder they are all still alive!"

Kara: "You have a wonderful family – all 9 of them. Tell me about them. Can you share something special you love about each one of your children?"

Kris: "Dave and I do have 9 kids. Dave had 4 boys and a girl, and I had 3 boys, when we were married! They are now 13-24 years old! 2 years ago, exactly at this time, we were handed our baby girl in Guatemala! Dave's oldest son Matt (24), married Angie in May of this year. They live in Kearns and he works for Discover and she works for Dress Barn. One of Matt's loves is martial arts, and he is working toward his black belt. When Matt is loyal to someone or something, he is fiercely loyal and does not back down from what he believes is right. Dave's daughter, Stacy (22), was my only daughter until 2 years ago. I must say in a house full of 7 boys, she was refreshing to have around! Though at 100 lbs., she can hold her own against any of them! Stacy has worked very hard for years and at 22 she is a nurse! She moved back home after school this spring and it is amazing to see what a beautiful woman she is becoming! She recently got a job as a director of nursing at an assisted living/retirement community. We are so proud of her! She is very spiritual, and I learn from her example every day! Stacy is dating Jonathan Crosland - we love him. He is good for her, and a really nice person, responsible and loving with her! My oldest son, Nathan (19), married his sweetheart, Haley, a couple weeks ago! We are so proud of them! Nate is working at Costco and Haley is the secretary for the fire department. They are both such hard workers! Nate and Haley have a beautiful red-headed, blue-eyed daughter named Cambria! She is 18 months old and she is so fun! Cambria is our first grandbaby! I am so proud of Nate and the man he is becoming! He has had many trials in his life - he was diagnosed at age 5 with diabetes and has had a long fight with that, he became a father at 17 and has grown up fast, he has always been strong and such a good person!! Dave’s second son, Danny (18), graduated from high school this year! He is very smart and loves to learn. He has been in ROTC and plans to go to college and then join the army. The army will be his career while he is in school and he hopes to major in History and eventually teach Military History. Danny is funny and makes us laugh when he is around; he is quieter than the other boys to some extent- though he wasn't that way when they were young! My second son, Blake, is 17 going on 30, I think. He is impatient for life to just get here. He has an entrepreneurial spirit, and I think he will own his own businesses. He started a T-shirt business his sophomore year, and has now put all of his efforts into the foundation he and his brothers started (The Four of Hearts Foundation), and is the president. He will graduate early this year and plans to immerse himself in the foundation and help other people. Blake has a good heart and loves children - he is so independent he is infuriating at times, but I do love him and his ambition. Dave's third son, Jacob (15 1/2) has recently moved in with us for good. It is a good change for him and he is looking forward to going to high school here. Jacob is so funny and keeps us laughing alot. He dyed his hair black last year, and wears skinny pants, and we just roll our eyes and he laughs. He has a great smile that gets to you. Jake will be in 10th grade and is a typical teenage boy excited about dating, cars, etc! My youngest son T.J. is also 15 1/2 and starting high school this year. T.J. had a rough start in life; he was my preemie baby. Now he is bigger than both of his big brothers! T.J. loves sports - playing basketball is his passion but he also loves football and is up on all the baseball and other sports teams. He is often found watching sports center and can tell you about almost any player! T.J. has such a sweet spirit about him, he is kind-hearted and loving, and I think he is going to be a big teddy bear when he is grown! I love being around him, he is funny and charismatic and it seems he is everyone's friend! T.J. and Jacob were best little friends in preschool where Dave and I met! They are both so excited that they get to go to high school together and they are like two peas in a pod. Though they have different likes and dislikes, they could hang out all day everyday together and be happy! Adam is Dave's youngest son and is 13 now. He is a funny kid and he loves hanging out with all of his older brothers. He is also quiet at times and is content to lie in his room and watch movies. He has a great imagination and can weave quite the tale! Any story told by the other boys is about 3 times as long when Adam tells it! I think Adam should write books for kids one day! He is also a great artist; he loves to draw and is so creative! Adam has always been the "baby" and it is hard to believe he is a teenager now! He is going to be in 8th grade this year! Ellie is now 2 1/2 - she is our princess! Now, I never planned to have another child at this point, but she kept coming to me in dreams and pestering me to find her! It took us over 2 years and 5 failed adoption attempts before we got her picture and there was no doubt in my mind, or Dave's, that she was ours! The first time we held her I thought my heart would burst! She was beautiful! She was also very sick, and we were told she would have died within a week if we had not come to Guatemala when we did. She has come so far from that first moment that I held her! She is beautiful, healthy, and such a huge blessing in our lives! I am so grateful to Heavenly Father for leading us to her and allowing us to bring her into our family! Ellie is so smart and we are shocked each day when she talks to us like she is 10 years old instead of 2! She is funny and she makes us laugh all day, she is full of personality and I feel we are in for quite the adventure! We have a wonderful bunch of kids - I always wanted a big family and was so sad when I could not have more kids after T.J. I guess Heavenly Father knew what I had in store, and that I would get 6 more kids in the next years! I can't wait to see them all grow up and see what they are going to accomplish in their lives!"


Carin said...

WOW all I can say is WOW! I go nuts with the 3 I have, I am always amazed at how well women with larger families are able to take care of them and the house and everything else that comes with life.
Finding and following this blog was a blessing from the Lord, I needed to here that it can be done, it is being done and not by people who have perfect lives.
Thank you for sharing yourself with us.

Anonymous said...

You are amazing Kris!! I am looking forward to reading about you this week. I also loved learning more about Janie. Kara this was an inspired idea, way to go!! I am definately a follower of this blog. Thanks for sharing with us.

miss~nance said...

WOW Kris your story has been amazing to read. You are an inspiration to women out there doing it tough.

I have become a follower and am very much looking forward to more inredible women.


Anonymous said...

Wow Kris! You are amazing!! I admire you for your strength, your attitude and your dedication to motherhood. You are an inspiration!
Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and your life's experiences.
Thank you Kara for all you're doing! You are doing a great job!

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